Chapter 1: Bangkok Days | Road Trip from Thailand to India

It sounds so fascinating when you’re crossing the border on foot. That’s what I experienced when I travelled approximately 3000 KM from Koh Samui (Thailand) to Imphal (Manipur, India) via Myanmar.

It wasn’t a planned journey, and neither I nor my companions were prepared for the obstacles that might arise while travelling on this epic route; however, there were none!

The journey started with the idea of going on vacations in the last week of December to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I packed five pairs of clothes and my laptop in my backpack and booked a one-way flight with Scoot Airline from Delhi to Bangkok. It was a last-minute deal, but I still got it for Rs. 7,000 one-way.

I arrived in Bangkok, my favourite city, and spent only two days there. I did what regular tourists are doing while visiting this city. I still remember it being drizzling when I started walking on the streets of Sukhumvit. I was stopping at all the local food vendors; I was hoping to get new flavors, but only the vegetarian one 😊. BTW, people have the misconception that there is nothing for vegetarians on the streets of Bangkok, but I always find something new here… In addition to fresh fruits, I tried fluffy bread, Nata De Coco, Pad Thai, and a few other snacks.

That long walk took me to one of my favourite areas of Sukhumvit, Soi 11. I revived all my sweet memories by visiting the streets of Sukhumvit. Then the club hopping in Sukhumvit begins.

The next day I visited the shopping malls—Siam Paragon and MBK—and somehow I avoided all the lucrative deals and offers and went out without buying anything. Just remember, this is a backpacking and budgeted trip to Thailand 😊.

You can see the whole experience in my Bangkok Vlog here:

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